The cuisine undergoes constant evolution as the highest quality products of each seasin are used to tantalize the taste buds ans awaken the senses. The Domaine de Châteauvieuy staff challenges itself daily in creating exceptional dishes from the best resources to the delight or its guests

Chilled avocado soup flavoured with espelette pepper,
shredded common crab, Granny Smith apple and ossetra caviar
Geneva’s lake true fera, parsley coulis, scallions and citrus mousseline
Squids stuffed with niçoise vegetables, eggplant puree
on sweet pepper coulis and cuttlefish ink sauce
Seared force-fed duck liver “foie gras” with green  tomatoes and strawberries chutney
Veal marinated in smoked olive oil, light anchovy cream, deep fried capers and candied lemon80.00
Medallions of monkfish roasted with saffron, mousseline and fricassee of cauliflower scented with vanilla
Thick slice of pan-fried gilthead bream, fennel, sour cream with fresh herbs in a nage of cockles and lemon grass
John Dory, goose neck Barnacle, common shrimps with turmeric and sautéed Chinese cabbage (min 2 pers. / p. pers.)
Thornback ray wing, garden peas and lettuce braised with streaky bacon, raspberries and burnt onion86.00
Brittany lobster cooked a la plancha, zucchini flowers fritter, white beans and lovage sauce 98.00
Boneless rack of pork, “caillette” chopped meat and offal, pistou with bear garlic in black pepper sauce78.00
Bresse chicken spit-roasted, pan-fried vegetables
with chanterelles and tarragon cream (min 2 pers. / p. pers.)
Roasted calf sweetbread, kohlrabi and candied kumquat, gravy perfumed with liquorice
Beef tenderloin pan-fried with bone marrow butter,
accompanied by oxtail raviolis and chard leaf stalks braise in Gamaret wine
Rolled breast of Pigeon filled with force-fed duck liver,
garden peas cream and braised leg in savory
Cured and fresh cheeses45.00
Poached cherries, elderberry ice cream, sour cherry and almond cream and froth, amarena cherry financier cake36.00
Mara des Bois strawberry mousse, pistachio biscuit,
sorbet and stewed rhubarb with wild strawberries
Peach declination, lemon verbena, sand biscuit, vanilla meringue and pink champagne cream36.00
Smoked dark chocolate nyangbo parfait perfumed with tobacco leaf, sorbet and crumble chocolate with rum jelly36.00
Rolled biscuit, red berry yoghourt milk froth flavoured with absinthe and fresh cheese ice cream

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