The cuisine undergoes constant evolution as the highest quality products of each seasin are used to tantalize the taste buds ans awaken the senses. The Domaine de Châteauvieuy staff challenges itself daily in creating exceptional dishes from the best resources to the delight or its guests

Sauteed frog legs, artichoke cream, pink ginger and gravy flavoured with Korean sansho pepper86.00
Cold and hot force-fed duck liver ”foie gras”, finger banana and mango chutney, passion fruit jelly and worm brioche
Sea bass tartar rolled in grapefruit jelly with avocado
and seaweed butter toast
Poached egg, ossetra caviar and green asparagus with morels
Shredded Norwegian king crab with finger lime, Granny Smith apple and chick peas cream86.00
Slice of glazed hooked sea bass with beetroot, avocado and raspberry vinegar emulsion
Norwegian sea scallops cooked with butter coral,
green asparagus, Iberian ham with gravy and spices
Grilled Brittany lobster, morels, and artichokes flavoured with bear garlic in white wine sauce
Gurnard baked in the oven, shellfish, Camargue red rice with tomato and thyme emulsion  (min 2 pers. / p. pers.)86.00
Thick slice of wild turbot crusted with mushrooms, broad beans, garden peas, scallion in poultry sauce with shallots98.00
Calf’s kidney baked in salt, snow peas, parmesan sand biscuit, vegetables and whole-grain mustard sauce78.00
Sisteron milk fed lamb roasted with carrot, citrus,
braised lettuce and streaky bacon in thyme and rosemary sauce
Roasted Deux-Sèvres breast of pigeon, stewed leg with chickpeas, semolina and cumin with dates chutney
Bresse chicken spit roasted with asparagus, morels and tarragon cream (min 2 pers. / p. pers.)110.00
Beef tenderloin pan-fried with bone marrow butter,
accompanied by oxtail raviolis and chard leaf stalks braise in Gamaret wine
Cured and fresh cheeses45.00
Hot green chartreuse soufflé, sweetscented bedstraw ice cream, and Tahitian vanilla cream36.00
All chocolate, pistachio marshmallows, biscuit and pink praline ice cream36.00
Chocolate Guanaja parfait, crunchy and creamy chocolate with liquorice ice cream36.00
“Blanc manger” with citrus, zest orange marmalade,
grapefruit coulis and lemon sorbet
Coconut sphere, exotic fruit mousse, passion fruit sorbet and Tasmanian pepper veil

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