Tasting menu

Tomatoes, mozzarella, scarlet shrimps marinated in Banyuls vinegar, basil sorbet and crunchy parmesan cheese tile
Filet of Geneva’s lake true fera semi-cooked, celeriac, buckwheat and lemon verbena infusion
Roasted Bresse duckling, turnip and onions in sweet and sour sauce, “panisses” chickpeas and olives dough
Cured and fresh cheeses
Peanut shortbread, Mirabelle plum sabayon, prune cream and ice cream
Food and Wine matching 60.- (4 glasses (8 cl) selected by the head sommelier)
This menu is for the whole table.
Chilled shredded king crab, sweet pepper and raspberry coulis, cuttlefish ink tile
Grilled Norwegian sea scallops sour orange and carrots puree with cardamom sauce
Pan-fried sea bass, cream of potato and leek with anchovy,
deep-fried scales and leeks
Filet of roebuck roasted with barberry, pumpkin puree, pear poached in red wine, almond and cranberry coulis
Cured and fresh cheeses
Roasted fig, crunchy “Gianduja” lemon and acacia honey jelly, blackcurrant sorbet
Coffee and chocolate flaky pastry, whipped cream flavoured with vanilla, cappuccino ice cream

Fin Bec menu without one starter and one dessert of your choice : CHF 230.-
Only one menu can be selected for the entire table
Menu with three starters, a main course, cheeses and two desserts
The menu can be arranged for the entire table only
These menus are prepared according to arrival
Four game menu with cheese and two desserts : 350.-
Three game menu with cheese and two desserts : 290.-
Two game menu with cheese and one dessert : 210.-
Only one menu can be selected for the entire table

Business lunch

Come to savour a light and well-balanced meal, according to the seasons. You have an imperative schedule! The meal can be served to you in one hour or according to the tempo which you will indicate to our butler during your arrival.


Soupe de courge muscade, ris de veau et graines de tournesol
en amuse-bouches
Petit pâté chaud de lièvre confit au foie gras et cornes d’abondance à la « Royale »
Suprême de grouse d'Ecosse rôti au chou vert, raviole de cuisse braisée, crème d'abats, mousseline de pommes de terre
Soufflé chaud aux framboises et pistaches de Sicile, crème glacée au mascarpone
Mignardises et chocolats

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