Tasting menu

Norwegian King crab meat, rolled in wild salmon flesh, served with mandarin jelly, Jerusalem artichoke enhanced with bergamot peel
Pan-fried and crispy filet of red mullet nage of shellfish in sea urchin emulsion
Roasted and confit goose from Bresse, braised leg with duck liver and apple wrapped with green cabbage leaf in lemon sauce
Cured and fresh cheeses
Biscuit, foam and crunchy candied chestnuts, hazelnut, cream of pumpkin with coffee ice cream
Puffed rice, soft white cheese, mango sorbet enclose in ivory chocolate sphere with exotic fruit coulis
Sea scallop carppacio, ossetra caviar, braised knuckle of beef and cauliflower cream
Roasted Brittany lobster and stir-fry wild mushroom in sweet curry sauce
Pan-fried slice of black cod, nage of anchovy marinated in Bynyuls vinegar with Espelette pepper and celery
Meinier porc declinaison, salsifies with streaky bacon in tarragon sauce
Cured and fresh cheeses
Crunchy honey biscuit, pineapple cooked with spices, coco nut ice cream, and passion fruit coulis
Chocolate soufflé dome, creamy smooth "Guananja" crispy chocolate tile and fior di latte ice cream
Menu with three starters, a main course, cheeses and two desserts
The menu can be arranged for the entire table only
Braised and crispy pig's trtters on turnip-rooted chervil cream and black truffle
pastry turnover filled with Vaucluse black truffle and force-fed duck liver, garnished with Jerusalem artichoke salad in hazelnut oil dressing
Grilled Norwegian sea scallops on maccheronis filled with celeriac puree, served with cream of poultry and black truffle
Brittany lobster a la plancha on black truffle risotto
Egg cooked at low temperature in black truffle emulsion
Pan-fried veal filet, cardoons with cream and bone marrow in black truffle reduction
Creamy brie de Meaux cheese, bread crust and black truffle
Custard, ice cream and blond chocolate namelaka with black truffle

Business lunch

Come to savour a light and well-balanced meal, according to the seasons. You have an imperative schedule! The meal can be served to you in one hour or according to the tempo which you will indicate to our butler during your arrival.


Oeuf de poule poché et frit, étuvée de poireaux et saumon d'Ecosse fumé, émulsion au corail d'oursin
Filet de boeuf rôti aux épinards, purée de carottes aux agrumes et ravioli à la ricotta, jus au thym, mousseline de pommes de terre
Entremet et éclats de marron confits, crème de potimarron aux noisettes, croustillant et crème glacé au café
Mignardises et chocolats

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