Tasting menu

Squid stuffed with niçoise vegetables, eggplant puree
on sweet pepper coulis and cuttlefish ink sauce
Medallion of monkfish roasted with saffron, mousseline and fricassee of cauliflower scented with vanilla
Roasted calf sweetbread, kohlrabi and candied kumquat,
gravy perfumed with liquorice
Cured and fresh cheeses
Poached cherries, elderberry ice cream,  sour cherry and almond cream and froth, amarena cherry financier cake
Food and Wine matching 60.- (4 glasses (8 cl) selected by the head sommelier)
This menu is for the whole table.
Chilled avocado soup flavoured with espelette pepper,
shredded common crab, Granny Smith apple and ossetra caviar
Broad-fingered crayfish, almond milk cream and elderberry
Thick slice of pan-fried gilthead bream, fennel, sour cream with fresh herbs in a nage of cockles and lemon grass
Rolled breast of Pigeon filled with force-fed duck liver,
garden peas cream and braised leg in savory
Cured and fresh cheeses
Raspberries tartlet, red berry cream, crushed pine nuts,  
sweetscented bedstraw ice cream
Smoked dark chocolate nyangbo parfait perfumed with tobacco leaf,
sorbet and crumble chocolate with rum jelly

Fin Bec menu without one starter and one dessert of your choice : CHF 230.-
Only one menu can be selected for the entire table
Menu with three starters, a main course, cheeses and two desserts
The menu can be arranged for the entire table only

Business lunch

Come to savour a light and well-balanced meal, according to the seasons. You have an imperative schedule! The meal can be served to you in one hour or according to the tempo which you will indicate to our butler during your arrival.

MARDI 30 AOUT 2016

Rafraichi de coquillages en amuse-bouches
Tomates Ô tomates mozzarella, tuile au parmesan et sorbet basilic
Coeur de filet de boeuf «Simmental» poêlé au beurre de moëlle, ravioles d'oxtail, carotte au gingembre, mousseline de pommes de terre
Tarte aux framboises, crème aux fruits rouges, éclats de pignons de pin, glace à l'aspérule odorante
Mignardises et chocolats

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