Gourmet Restaurant

Gourmet Restaurant

The taste of senses

Flagship of the group, the Domaine de Châteauvieux is much more than must-see gourmet restaurant, a reference address for gastronomy lovers.

It is a sensory experience, where the seasonal produce is king. By working the ingredients as close to their nature, structure, and consistency as possible, they can then reveal their aromas, flavours, and originality.


Under the encouragement of Philippe Chevrier and Damien Coche, the restaurant creates and offers an idea of both simple and refined cuisine.

In the restaurant, it is Esteban Valle who will place these dishes before you with flambéing and table-side carving, which he has mastered perfectly.

Whether it’s Gourmet, Fin Bec, Surprise, Morilles, Truffe or Chasse, the different menus are full of recipes which celebrate the flavours of each season.

And from your taste buds to your eyes, these flavours are created according to an aesthetic with refined, innovative design.

There are even indications of perfection in the venue’s beauty.

16th century interior architecture, a spacious room, fine materials, well-worn stone and wood contribute further to creating a welcoming and warm atmosphere, very dear to Philippe Chevrier.